Monday 3 March 2008

Advertisement Project

Rollmio is an ingenious new website base around the idea of user produced advertisements! The site seems to be able to get commissions for online advertisements (they're only on their forth so far, but it is a start up site), then users come along, read the brief and produce and submit an advertisement (10 - 60 second video)that should fit the brief. The advertisement that the company likes best wins a prize ($500) and there are also some runner up prizes.

For more videos,

How to use this with students
This seems like the ideal site to build a project around and get your students creating and uploading their own advertisements. You could even try to win the prize for your school.
  • You might need to do some preparation work first discussing their favourite ads what they like about the etc.
  • Then you'll also need to do a bit of analysis of ads thinking about who the target of the ad is and the kind of profile of people the company wants to sell to etc.
  • You could also get your students to think about advertising techniques and genre of advertisements (story like, expert, celebrity endorsement etc)
  • Your students could then discuss and story board a possible advertisement and decide who will do what in the production of the advertisement.
  • Then if you have a camera try to get them to film, edit and upload the ads (If you have young learners make sure you get the parents permission before uploading anything)
  • You can see the latest creative brief here:
  • You could even use celtx with your students to help develop your project
The ads on the site aren't of a terrifically high / professional quality, they're mainly novel, so it isn't beyond the means of your students to compete with these.
  • If you don't have filming facilities / camera then you could just get your students to have a look at the ones that have been made in the archive and decide which they think is most effective / which will win.

What I liked about the site
  • Really attractive and user friendly interface
  • Really very authentic, motivating and a chance to make some money!!
  • It's free
  • It's easy to get an embed code so that you can add the videos to your own materials if you don't want your students to actually view the site.
What I wasn't so sure about
  • Still early days for this site, so it could be a huge success or by the time you read this it may have disappeared along with a great many other Web 2.0 type sites!!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and get to use it before that happens.



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