Friday 13 April 2007

UNICEF: Top 10 Cartoons for Children’s Rights

This is a site I spotted a while back and was really impressed by. UNICEF are creating lots of rich media to get their message across and the whole of the site is worth exploring if you are looking for materials to help you tackle some more controversial issues.

What's on the site?
  • This is one page I found really useful. On this page you can find 10 really useful short video cartoons which depict the various rights of children. They have low and high bandwidth versions, so even if you are on as low internet connection it would be possible to download the smaller videos in a reasonable amount of time. The videos are non verbal, so they could be used with lower levels too.

Here's a lesson plan
I had a quick attempt at creating a lesson plan for them. This should be usable with students who are at an intermediate or higher level.
  • It includes lead in tasks as well as discussion, viewing and follow up tasks. You could actually use some bits of it even if you can't give your students access to the site.
  • You can download it in pdf format from here: Lesson plan (39k pdf)

If you use it, please come back and leave a comment here and feel free to leave a suggestion for any improvements or variations you can think of.


natashaBBC said...

Dear Nick

thanks for the lesson plan on childrens' rights and the UNICEF links to cartoons and stuff. THis is very good and useful. I am teaching a course on Human Rights now;

Belgrade, Serbia

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Natasha

If you are doing work with students on human rights, you should ceretainly check this posting out:
Videos for Global Issues Lessons

Lots of useful video. Glad you liked the lesson plan and hope it is useful.


Nik Peachey

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